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How long does the hair last?

With proper care, Odom & Lair Hair can last over a year

Does the hair shed?

Our hair has minimal to no shedding. It is recommended to seal your wefts before and after each install. However, it is not required.

What can I seal my wefts with?

You can use Oritz Fray Check. This product is available at Wal-Mart or your local fabric store. Also, Salon Pro 30 second weft sealer found at your local beauty supply.


What are some basic hair care tips?

Use a wide tooth comb or wig brush when detangling hair. Detangle from ends to weft. Protect hair every night using a satin or silk covering. When shampooing and conditioning hair keep strands aligned in the same direction and use cool water. BE GENTLE. Use a heat protector when you use heat to style your hair.


What's our return/exchange policy? 

We do not offer refunds or exchanges ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you are unsure of placing your order online please email us at


What is our shipping policy? 

We ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. All packages mailed have the option to require a signature. If you don't inform via "special instructions", your package will be sent WITHOUT signature confirmation. Whichever option you choose, your tracking number will be given via email and/or text after your payment has cleared and product has been shipped. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days after receiving tracking to receives your package. IN SHORT:YOUR TOTAL TURN AROUND TIME IS 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS ONCE PAYMENT CLEARS TO RECIEVE PACKAGE...please note EXPRESS SHIPPING is available at an additional charge(applies to "on hand" only)


I need to change my order, what can I do? 

You can email us at with the subject line ORDER CHANGE REQUEST. If you order has not been placed, we will gladly change it for you. Please note, if new request cannot be made there are no refunds. Please check your cart before making payment.


Why is the wave pattern/and color in my bundles different? 

Our hair is 100% Virgin Hair. This means it comes from one single donor per bundle in the natural state. The hair hasn't been chemically treated to manipulate color or texture. The bundles of hair you select will never be exactly the same, however, they will NOT be distinctly different. The photos above will give you an idea of how the hair textures will look. Our virgin hair comes in the natural shades, similar to what most of us know as 1B (Off Black) and 2 (Darkest Brown) . We cannot guarantee that bundles will have the same color because that hair is taken from different donors.


How do I color my hair?

We recommend coloring services for your 100% virgin hair be perform by a licensed professional stylist. PLEASE NOTE: It is ok to have your hair colored. However, special care such as deep conditioning and applying less heat is a MUST to ensure the longevity of your hair

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